Licence to Kill

Licence to Kill PosterLicence to Kill (1989) is the sixteenth official entry in the James Bond series, and the first one not based on an Ian Fleming novel. While enjoying a generally positive critical reception, it was controversial since it was the first James Bond film to be given a PG-13 rating in the United States and also the first to gain a 15 rating in the United Kingdom, being noted as significantly darker and more violent than its predecessors. Due to these issues, as well as marketing problems including a last minute title change, Licence to Kill had poor US box office returns with just making USD$34,667,015, barely more than its estimated USD$32,000,000 budget, though it performed well overseas.

This turned out to be Timothy Dalton’s final performance in his brief tenure in the lead role. Legal wrangling over control of the series and James Bond character created a years-long delay in production of the next Bond film which resulted in Dalton deciding to not pursue a return.

Timothy Dalton

Also starring:
Carey Lowell
Robert Davi
Talisa Soto
and Robert Brown as M