Daniel Craig likely to star as James Bond in #25

Daniel Craig, Film Premiere "Spectre" 2015
Image: Daniel Craig, Film Premiere "Spectre" 2015 by Glyn Lowe Photoworks

Daniel Craig, Film Premiere "Spectre" 2015Multiple sources are reporting that Daniel Craig will likely play the role of James Bond in the next film, which will be a milestone for the franchise at number 25. Surely, if you’re a Bond fan, you would have heard the rumors that Craig had enough of the franchise after playing his third stint as Bond in Spectre (2015). But Craig has been a favorable actor to play the role. He blends a perfect mix of well-mannered and dangerous, and for many was a return to how Bond was portrayed by Sean Connery.

Craig had doubts about returning as James Bond after Spectre, the largest and most expensive Bond film to date estimated between $300M and $350M, was completed. He said he felt an enormous amount of pressure after Skyfall to surpass what that film had accomplished. But after making close to $40M on Spectre, how could he possibly turn down that kind of salary that would inevitably be increased?

At the same time sources have been saying that Adele will likely be singing the theme song for James Bond #25, even though she sang the theme song and won a Grammy for Skyfall (2012). Previous theme songs for the high-profile recordings have been sung by Jack White/Alicia Keys, Chris Cornell, Sam Smith, Sheryl Crow, Garbage, Tina Turner, and Gladys Knight (the list goes on).

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