Eunice Gayson starred as Sylvia Trench in Russia with Love

Eunice GaysonFrom Russia with Love is considered one of the best films in the James Bond series by many critics and by Connery himself, and is still highly regarded more than 40 years after its release.[citation needed] Michael G. Wilson, the current co-producer of the series, stated “We always start out trying to make another From Russia with Love and end up with another Thunderball.” In 2004, Total Film magazine named it the ninth-greatest British film of all time.

Eunice Gayson is a British actress born in London, England on March 17, 1931. She is best known for playing Sylvia Trench, James Bond’s fetching girlfriend in the first two Bond films (Dr. No and From Russia with Love). Originally, Gayson was going to be cast as Miss Moneypenny, but the part went to Lois Maxwell instead. Gayson was originally to have been a regular in the Bond film series, but her character, Sylvia Trench, was dropped. Like nearly all of the actresses who appeared in the first two Bond films, Gayson’s voice in Dr. No and From Russia with Love was overdubbed by an uncredited voice actor, though Gayson’s real voice can still be heard in original trailers for Dr. No.

Gayson also played a major role in the Hammer horror film The Revenge of Frankenstein and was seen on TV in series such as The Saint and The Avengers.

Decades later, Gayson’s daughter appeared in a casino scene in the 1995 Bond film, GoldenEye.

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