Eva Green stars as Vesper Lynd in Casino Royale

Eva Green Casino RoyaleEva Green was born in Paris, France on July 5, 1980, the daughter of French actress Marlène Jobert and Swedish dentist Walter Green. Green has a fraternal twin sister named Joy, who was born two minutes earlier than she. Green described her family as “bourgeois”, and that her sister is very different from her. Green is a natural blonde; she dyed her hair black during her teens. French-Swedish actress Marika Green is her aunt.

Green was raised in France, and spent some time as well in Ramsgate, London and Ireland.  Her school was English-speaking. Green was quiet at school, and developed an interest in Egyptology when she visited the Louvre at age seven. Green aspired to become an actress when she saw Isabelle Adjani in The Story of Adele H. at the age of fourteen. Jobert initially feared the effect an acting career would have on her sensitive daughter, but she soon supported her ambitions.

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