‘License to Kill’ airs in HD, stars Carey Lowell & Talisa Soto

Carey Lowell License to Kill James BondIn case you haven’t noticed Universal HD has been playing Bond films all week in high-definition. One of the hottest Bond girls to appear in 007 films is Carey Lowell who plays an ex-pilot and CIA agent Pam Bouvier in “License to Kill” (1989). She looks stunning in the film and along with Talisa Soto (who plays Franz Sanchez’s girlfriend Lupe Lamora) make this one of the most jaw-dropping films.

“License to Kill” stars “Timothy Dalton” as Bond and does a great job in the role. Unfortunately we only see Dalton in two films: “License to Kill” and “The Living Daylights” because of contract negotiations and legal issues that eventually negated his contracted third film which was rumored to be called “The Property of a Lady.”

License to Kill Timothy Dalton Talisa Soto Carey Lowell

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