Olga Kurylenko appears on Fox Morning Show

Olga Kurylenko - Copyright United Artists & Columbia PicturesOlga Kurylenko, starring in the upcoming Bond film Quantum of Solace, was recently interviewed on the Fox 11 Morning show. She talked about being discovered in the Ukraine and the “James Bond Curse.” “I’ve got some bruises, but it is fine,” Olga said, after being asked she was afraid of the curse.

She also mentioned shopping with Gemma Arterton who plays MI6 Agent Fields. Olga and Gemma do not share any scenes together, but are friends and went shopping together in Panama.

Olga plays Russian-Bolivian agent Camille, who plays the lead Bond girl and has her own vendetta against Dominic Greene and Quantum, who are connected to Casino Royale’s Bond girl Vesper Lynd.

Olga also plays in the movie Max Payne with Mark Wahlberg which opened this weekend and trounced all other openings. Olga plays Natasha Sax, who wants to be with Max (Mark Wahlberg) but is killed mysteriously.

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