When did James Bond jump the shark?


james-bond-die-another-day-wind-surfing-glaciersJames Bond films aren’t always as realistic as they could be. Heck, don’t you want everything to be believable when you go to the movies, do you? But there is a saying “Jump the Shark” that was used to describe the end of the credibility of the show Happy Days. It was when The Fonz jumped over a shark on water skis – leather jacket and all.

So when, and if, did James Bond ever jump the shark? In our opinion James Bond never really jumped the shark in any of the films starring Sean Connery, Roger Moore, or Timothy Dalton. But then came Pierce Brosnan. Not to pick on Pierce, we love him as 007. But there was one scene that was just too ridiculous, to unbelievable, and so poorly produced that it has to be called out. That film was Die Another Day.

When James Bond ends up wind surfing on multiple tidal waves and crashing glaciers all around him, we just had to stop and say, “Come on!” Pierce, as much he plays a great James Bond, just looked absolutely ridiculous green-screened on top of 50-100 ft glacial waves.

We understand the producers wanted to end the movie with a bang, but they just went over the top. Die Another Day is when James Bond jumped the shark.

Don’t remember the scene or want to check it out again? Check out this gif animation from IMGUR titled “Worst James Bond visual effects ever.”

Worst James Bond visual effects ever