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Amy Winehouse

Rumor is Amy Winehouse and Duffy are both up for the next Bond Theme song. Winehouse was apparently considered for the “Quantum of Solace” theme song, but as we know it was a collaboration between Alicia Keys and Jack White. We’ll have to wait and see who producer Michael G Wilson picks for the 23rd Bond film. According to The Sun (via Commander Bond) Wilson said, “We have started work on the new film, which I can’t say anything about. Daniel Craig is very keen to get going.”

Olga Kurylenko, Daniel Craig, Quantum of SolaceDirecTV has added Quantum of Solace in HD 1080p to its Video On Demand library today. They also added a bunch of older Bond films that will be available until May 7. The titles in their “007 Collection”include Diamonds Are Forever, Dr. No, Goldfinger, and From Russia With Love, Die Another Day, Golden Eye and Casino Royale.

Lotus Esprit Turbo from “The Spy Who Loved Me
A fan, yes a fan, has opened a James Bond museum in Keswick, England. James Nelson, a 48 year old chap from Cumbria has spent 20 years and thousands of pounds building up his Bond collection. Among the unique collectibles are the ” and the original golden gun from “The Man With the Golden Gun.”

He’s also got the Mustang stunt car from “Diamonds are Forever” and a Russian T55 battle tank from “GoldenEye” in the collection.

Keswick (pronounced “kez-ick” /ˈkɛzɪk/) is a small town in the district of Allerdale, Cumbria, England with a population of about 4281.